• Why Do Veterans Make Good Employees?


                There is something almost intangible about the experience and discipline acquired while in the military. And this equates particularly well when finding a job in the private sector. Those in the military know this intimately, but for everyone else, let us give you the good news.  Here are the strong points of such a prospective employee:

                On time.  This sounds minor, but you would be surprised to learn how significant this is to upper management.  If you are in the private sector, it is common to just call your boss and come up with whatever feeble excuse fits the situation. Half the time they may not even care.  In the military, the failure to be in formation on time, does not carry with it the ability to hand out an excuse.  You are simply put on report.

                Positive attitude.   In the military, your very survival depends upon a positive attitude.  How many times can you recall that the business you are dealing with either takes you for granted or feels they are doing you a favor by waiting on you? In the military, you are working for the good of the team and no one tolerates even for a moment private self-interest.

                Responsibility.  This is not only a given, it is ingrained in the military experience. It is a simple fact of life.  Make a mistake while in combat and you are liable to kill yourself and your team members.  Fall asleep during guard duty and someone may not be around tomorrow.

                Decisions under pressure.  In many ways, business is a series of pressure decisions made quickly with limited data.  You learn this quickly on the battlefield.

                Appearance and dress.    As to sales and marketing, or for that matter any- one making a first impression, your appearance is crucial.  You cannot get better training that in the military—staying up late at night just to spit polish your boots for the third time. 

                No complaints.  Many civilians today seem to take their jobs for granted and are always looking for what will benefit themselves.  They are seldom willing to start from the bottom and expect to be catered to.  Nice try if you have come from the military. 

                Leadership.  No amount of fine education or trade school training can instill this.  In the military it comes naturally.

                On-the-job-training.  The good news is that many military personnel have already received training.  Studies show more than 1/3 have already gained the requisite skills while on active duty.

                For this and a number of other reasons, providing a Patriot Express loan to a veteran-owned business makes a lot of sense.  The more successful it becomes, the better able it will be to hire other veterans and create even more of an economic stimulus. 

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