Our Mission

Women Helping Women

“Thank you for your service. We have a bargain to uphold”

Our mission is to provide resources to women service members and veterans to help start or expand their small business enterprises, provide training and job placement, education, mentoring, networking, and sponsor events so as to enable them to have the tools to succeed.

The focus will be on: 1) help to those starting or expanding a small business, with an emphasis on loans for working capital, business plans, marketing, and legal documents, 2) seeking to improve the chances of veterans finding part-time and full time employment, 3) Self realization and empowerment, 4) to provide monitoring, resources, and services for temporary and permanent housing.

Highlights of Our Agenda:

 We conduct transitional training workshops throughout the year—taking the programs to  military bases.   These training sessions focus on the transition from military careers to private sector careers, networking, interface with franchisors, meeting job recruiters, one- on-one-meetings, mock interviews, resume writing, and a panoply of practical how-to tips. 

 Also at these workshops, a diversified group of franchise owners will be on site to meet directly with persons interested in starting a franchise and working with these valuable resources.

 The U.S. Chamber of Commerce National Job Fair will be joining us in Houston for our conference.  We will be conducting job recruitment, you interviews, and meeting with decision makers.  

Vetrepreneurs–Starting or Expanding a Small Business:

One-on-one consultation by phone, in person, and during outreach workshops. All workshops, consultation, services, preparation, and any materials are donated by volunteers and without cost. Workshops optimally to be held at or near military bases, including in Florida, California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina Texas, and Virginia.

• Financing: Consultation and assistance with paperwork to secure lenders for a U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Patriot Express  Loan Program.  Available to the veterans and their spouses with the SBA guaranteeing 85% of any loss to the lender.

• Business plans and financials: Consultation and assistance with paperwork to draft and finalize a professional and comprehensive business plan, together with profit and loss projections. Based on templates provided by us and tailored for securing financing and formulating a practical business strategy that will work in the marketplace.

• Marketing: Consultation and strategy as to affordable and practical marketing avenues, including fliers, business cards, social networking, web site development and marketing, promotions, and other low cost measures.

Women in Transition–Securing Employment:

• Selecting the right industry and job: Consultation and assistance to realistically pick a job which matches skills and experience in a viable and sustained the industry.

• Resume and interview planning: Preparation of a professional resume with step-by-step instructions as to the interview process (first through third and then final). Based on a role playing model with a mock interview.

• “Dress the part” rehearsals: Practical advice as to dress, grooming, and how to portray oneself positively. Stipends available for the initial wardrobe—blue collar and white collar. Blue collar allowance for special outfitting, equipment, and tools.

• Job Fairs: Either as part of an overall event, or a “stand alone” expo, the bringing together of employers, recruiters, schools, and job seekers to meet and network. It is contemplated that employers will be in attendance at booths to collect resumes and conduct first interviews.

Basic Training:

To provide referrals to major universities that conduct in depth training seminars and classes. In harnessing new technology, many of these will be online classes. There will also be break-out sessions and classes at events sponsored by MWE.  Among our many partners, we are proud to affiliate with Syracuse University, Whitman School of  Management–Institute for Veterans and Military Families.


To provide ready resources covering a full gamut of needs and requirements, tailored to women.  There is a huge pool of women with incredible talent that can be utilized.

Events—Your Service, Our Commitment:

Sponsored events offering a wide range of services and resources tailored to the specific needs of military women. We will emphasize “hands-on” or “how-to” break out sessions, were the participants will leave with practical skills that can be implemented into their daily lives.

Moving Forward—Mentoring and Networking:

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest resources women have is the ability to interact and support each other. In other words, sharing and pooling their knowledge and resources for mutual gain. With all that talent available, it is only a matter of putting people together in the right forum. The whole idea is to make connections that count.

Legal Tools You Can Afford and Use Now:

Consultation and assistance with paperwork (templates available) to form a business entity (corporation, LLC, partnership, limited liability partnership, and the like); filing with the Secretary of state; preparation of operational documents such as bylaws, operating agreements, minutes, and resolutions; HR and employment forms; and other legal documents.

Please join us so we can make it happen together. This is a movement!