• 8/26/13—8/27/13. American Legion National Convention


    Contact: Sue Malone; 925-899-8449.


    May 12, 2013

    Business Skill Set and Networking Conference

    for Returning Military Women

    Offered at 95th Annual American Legion Convention.


    Houston, TX— “Women in the military have put their lives on the line for us, and it’s our turn to assist them in putting their lives back by helping them enter and do well in the workplace,” said Andrea March, co-founder with Sue Malone, of Military Women Exchange: Operation Next Step. Currently based in New Jersey and California, this initiative is intended to spread nationwide.

    In launching its second annual program, Military Women Exchange: Operation Next Step has once again joined forces with The American Legion to offer two days of workshops, mentoring and speed coaching—all in conjunction with the annual 95th convention of the American Legion. The convention is in Houston, Texas and will offer a two-day business conference, culminating with a job fair on Tuesday, August 27th in partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in “Hiring Our Heroes”.

    In founding Military Women Exchange: Operation Next Step, Andrea March, a highly respected leader in networking for women in business, recognized the need for women veterans to have special programs that would allow them to transfer their military training to the job market or to launch their own businesses.

    The American Legion also recognized the need for a special program for women in the military and women associated with the military. Joseph Sharpe, Jr., Director of the National Economic Commission for the American Legion, and his team, have been working for a number of years to promote the business conference segment and felt it was a perfect time to offer trainings dedicated to women in the military.

     The program will offer the following tracts:

    Guest speakers Caroline Ceniza-Levine and Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio, authors of:  “Six Steps to Job Search Success” will reveal a practical step-by-step analysis to ultimately securing your target job. This will include detailed instruction as to targeting, marketing yourself, research, effective networking, practical applications (online profiles, resumes, and interviewing), and closing your job offer.

    Self awareness and empowerment programs by Jairek Robbins.

    How to start a successful franchise. Multiple franchisors will be available to give details as to how to start your new franchise. Remember that lenders and investors view a franchise in a more favorable light because if it’s built-in infrastructure and track record.

    Women who have been in the military are experiencing an even higher rate of unemployment than other women, and we have to do whatever we can to change this course. These entire two days are focused on solid training and practical “takeaways” to help the woman who have done so much for our country,” says Sue Malone, a successful businesswoman who is number one lender by volume of the SBA Patriot Express Program and SBA Export Express and director of marketing for Superior Financial Group.

    Adds March: “Sue and I are taking the skills, resources and lessons learned over many years in promoting, networking and mentoring women in the business world to give back to these former military women who have given us so much.”

    Participants in the free conference will have a chance to hear from business experts whose subject matters include starting and financing a business, using social media, care-giving for our wounded warriors, resume building, using ones military skills to obtain government contracting opportunities, establishing a brand,  and how to Reinvent Yourself Now!

    A luncheon panel will feature veteran women who own outstanding businesses in the area. Government agency experts will also be on a panel to discuss “How the federal government can help make it work for you!” Mentoring will also be offered, as well speed coaching and a meet the author session.

    To learn more about the conference and job fair go to www.legion.org/convention or www.militarywomenexchange.com or call 212-209-1571. Register for the free conference workshops at www.legion.org/convention/businessconference


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